2013 EPRI Smart Distribution & Power Quality Conference

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In June 2013, preSAGE member Steve Chapin, an Associate Professor in SU’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, presented his paper “Smart, Secure Charging and Discharging of Electric Vehicles” at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Smart Distribution and Power Quality Conference in Chicago, IL, sponsored by Commonwealth Edison.

The presentation outlined preSAGE’s electric vehicles (EV) project to enable EV participation in advanced grid markets as “grid-integrated” and “demand-response” vehicles (using “vehicle to grid” technology, or V2G).

Chapin explained that preSAGE’s multidisciplinary team—comprised of computer and electrical engineers, a computer scientist, an economist, and a homeland security law expert—are positioned to help overcome emerging V2G issues, such as consumer fears about relinquishing control of their cars to interconnected computer systems and of their home electrical data to smart meters (a consumer adoption phenomenon dubbed “smart meter blowback”); the avoidance of cybersecurity vulnerabilities; and the negotiation of data privacy concerns.

Security and privacy as it relates to V2G technology are among the guiding principles of the preSAGE EV project. Chapin described how grid-integrated, demand-response vehicles (and their owners) should exchange minimal information, which is encrypted and audited and which uses token-based authentication (rather than potentially vulnerable or distrusted direct authentication with usernames/passwords).

The EPRI Smart Distribution and Power Quality Conference is a forum for electric power end users, distribution engineers, reliability and power quality professionals, and technology manufacturers. Among the 2013 conference topics were power quality, cybersecurity, distribution grid modernization, smart grid technologies and applications, and information and communications technology.

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